Frequently asked questions about The Directory

Frequently asked questions about The Directory

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  • The Directory, which launched in August 2022, is for me a digital collection of inspiration. Female contributions in the Arts & Entertainment business, as well as non-profit and other industries, generally lack a certain amount of visibility. To support the women behind the businesses, and keep them growing, I intend to use this platform to uplift others. The list is not a definitive, end-all, be-all, exhaustive list. It´s meant as an archive that is always ongoing, and ever-growing – and what I actually like about it: it´s so diverse. The Arts & Entertainment industry needs diverse voices to drive culture forward. So if you find the list misses out on important names everyone should hear from, please reach out. If you have suggestions to expand this labor of love, feel free to contact me. Or hit me up on Instagram.

  • Thank you for your question. The featured businesses are either in the Arts & Entertainment Industry or in nonprofit. If you´re doing business in this industry or working on an important cause, you can send an email to [email protected] Share a little bit about you and your business.

  • Because I´m in the publishing and media industry myself, I like to support and uplift other women who are in the same industry. I´m personally committed to uplift those who need it the most: women from diverse backgrounds who just start out and have interesting stories to tell. If we are able to bring diverse voices to the arena, together we can create new norms and push culture forward.

  • For now it´s important that the directory gets more visibility in nonprofit and the Arts & Entertainment Industry, so that more people get to hear from it and more women with a small or medium sized business will find it and start to talk about it. So you can share the list within your network, that would be incredible! We do have plans to expand and make it happen for you to donate as well, so that you´re able to support projects you´d like. Sign-up to stay updated.

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150 150 Lisanne Swart
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