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Keeping our relationships sane during Covid-19

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In most times of crisis, we can turn to others for support and comfort. In this particular crisis, we’re strongly encouraged — if not forced — to self-isolate. This puts an enormous burden on our partners, family members or roommates. To keep our relationships sane, we have to turn to outsiders. Let me share some ways in this post.

Even under the best of circumstances, we can tire them out with a familiar soundtrack of stories, observations, and anxieties.


Virtual dinner parties

Obviously the coronavirus will impact the way we have our dinner time. As we have seen, the impact of coronavirus will leave us with virtual dinner parties. And we should remember, that differences are helpful. Contending with this crisis is going to require a wide variety of strengths. “We call it collective resilience,” Saul said. Dinner Parties in the Age of Coronavirus.

Date night using Netflix Party

You can’t beat a classic! Schedule a movie date with your first virtually met fling. There is an app called Netflix Party where you and someone else can watch Netflix together, at the same time, with both of you able to control the movie. Add in Facetime and you got yourself a date night!

FaceTime To Go

Social distancing left many people feeling isolated and anxious. Another way to take care of our mental health, too, during this pandemic, is to go for virtual walks with others. It’s much more positive and engaging than getting into a rut calling each other from the kitchen table. If you’re not worried about going over your data, take your boo for a walk

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