Inventive ways to enjoy yourself during corona

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4 minutes read
Social distancing is important, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. During this corona times we’ve seen many people online who found different fun ways to entertain and distract theirselves. Let me share some inventive ways to enjoy yourself during corona times in the upcoming post.

Ways to enjoy yourself during corona

Chin, chin!

Every day is a good day to drink a glass of wine, this guy must have thought – no matter the circumstances…


If we can’t go out to party, then bring the party to our neighborhood, one must have thought in Italy. This is the result.


No introduction needed for this…

Garden boarding

It can be difficult to entertain your kids during these times… I got that! But this is definitely an inventive way to entertain your kids and use your backyard a bit differently as well.


A nursing home in Minnesota decided to organize a game of gang bingo for its residents. With a neat 1.5 meter distance from each other, the Sunnyside Care Center allowed everyone to find some relaxation during these times.

Horse riding in the living room

Also horse-riding continues…

Noughts and crosses

When boredom kicks in… playing games with your pets isn’t a bad idea, or is it?

4 minutes read

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Live concerts on Instagram

Hmm.. not sure how to caption this

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