What the Coronavirus outbreak taught us about kindness

What the Coronavirus outbreak taught us about kindness

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6 min. read
The year 2020 started off with a shock. As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak led to a shut-down of our boarders, our shops, our cafés and restaurants. But despite the cruel impact of the coronavirus on our health and daily lives, the impact of coronavirus has also left us with some wonderful acts of kindness. Let me share them in the next post.

Keeping others in mind

It has been strange time and the road to Easter has never been more bumpy. Now that our government orders us to stay at home and to limit our physical interactions with people to ensure the health of others, it becomes clear how much we (now) depend on each other and how fragile life is.

impact of coronavirus

But during quarantine we don’t just need to be loyal to one another to stay physically healthy, it’s also super important to keep our spirits up, to take care of our mental health, and to keep some others in mind. Whether terror or tragedy, acts of nature or man, disasters have proven to bring out the best in us over and over again. Even in the worst of times, that support and kindness — no matter how small — helps keeping us sane.

In this blog I would like to share (small) acts of kindness during the age of COVID-19. Maybe you already grabbed a couple of extra canned goods for your elderly neighbor, or maybe you saw a stranger offer someone else a squirt of hand sanitizer. I like to share what we have seen others doing, to use them to encourage our own kindness to one another. This age is an opportunity to show both our loved ones as less familiar and healthy others that we keep them in mind. It’s up to especially the most healthy people to lead by example.

impact of coronavirus

Meaningful acts of kindness

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” — Mark Twain

$2500 tip

Although the livelihoods of catering establishments completely depend on the people now holed up in their homes, this weekend the government decided to temporarily close all cafés and restaurants. At this point Benny Leonard, the owner of grill restaurant Coaches on Bethel in Columbus, Ohio, was positively surprised by a generous customer:

Read more of the story on NBC news.

A piece of 67 years of love

This couple from the U.S. has been together for 67 years this weekend. The woman was diagnosed with corona and now lives in quarantine so her husband showed up to surprise her with this gesture:


Applause for health care

In Holland there was a moment organized for us to show respect to the health workers that are working endless hours now to make sure the virus takes as few lives as possible. By clapping out loud, people showed their gratitude to the health staff that is taking care of others now 24/7. A small gesture of kindness, I would say.

Support your locals

It is mainly small companies that are affected by corona today. A great opportunity for consumers and producers to join forces to keep these small businesses running.



Aside from the economical and environmental impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the virus definitely affects our relationships too. Virtual dinner parties, FaceTime happy hours… People are reinventing social gatherings with digital tools as the coronavirus outbreak forces them to temporarily suspend social gatherings.

As people are communal beings and with all the infected people in mind, I hope the coronavirus also taught us something about our relationships and how we relate to each other. We now live in a time where it’s up to the healthier people in this world to take care of the less healthy ones by lessening the physical interactions. Or by helping them to feel less alone, by reaching out for others to support.

How are you keeping your spirits up? And did you witness any coronavirus acts of kindness? Share them in the comment section below. I would love to hear them.

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